Scp the hard to kill reptile

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    1. SCP-682 vs. SCP-096 [SFM].
    2. Scp-682 or the die-hard reptile
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Given its frequent escape attempts, the difficulty of its containment and incapacitation, and the serious threat of exposure to the Foundation, SCP-682 will be contained at Site [CENSORED]. The Foundation will use its best resources to keep all land within 50km of the site free of human settlement.

Description: SCP-682 is a large, reptilian-like creature of unknown origin. It is apparently extremely intelligent, and has been observed maintaining complex communication with SCP-079 during its short exposure time. SCP-682 has a disdain for all living things, which has been expressed in several interviews during its containment (See Exhibit 682-B).

Name: SCP-682, "Rectil difficult to destroy" | The Last Dragon, Reptilia Supernus, The Lucky Dinosaur, Levon Tarasque, Exile of the Flesh, son of the Scarlet King | Leviathan of the Fourth Bride, Atanti-ql-Paneu, Steed of the Knight of the Apocalypse of Death.

Speed: Variable, at least Superhuman (Easily able to outrun Foundation soldiers), Subsonic+ (Comparable to SCP-096), Supersonic+ (Comparable to Able who can intercept 3 rifle bullets with a steel rod), Massive FTL+ (Can traverse the solar system easily and launched SCP-2772 outside the Solar System boundary in a way that made it traverse the galaxy in seconds and followed it easily) | At least Massive FTL+ (Consumed galaxies in a short time) | Immeasurable (Being Leviathan it can match the speed of gods, like Mehkane and Yaldabaoth) | Omnipresence (Comparable to SCP-3125)

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What can the SCP-682 do?

Its digestion is apparently supported by a series of filtering gills inside the nostrils of SCP-682, which are capable of removing useful matter from any liquid solution, allowing it to constantly regenerate from the acid in which it is contained.

How powerful is SCP-682?

SCP-682 has superhuman size, strength, speed and reflexes that are amplified according to the organic and inorganic intake that SCP-682 can ingest, this allows it to alter its size and capabilities. It is an extremely intelligent and malevolent creature, which has contempt for all life.

SCP-682 vs. SCP-096 [SFM].

It is an extremely intelligent and malevolent creature, which has contempt for all life. Due to several reptiloid escape attempts and possible exposure of the foundation, SCP-682 is contained to a site that is free of human settlement within a 50 km radius.

Speed: Variable, from Superhuman (Could be on par with Abel) to FTL+ (Through absorption, can adapt to light speeds, after being launched to the moon, absorbed energy and traversed the solar system while devouring planets. Launched SCP-2772 outside the star system boundary in a way that made it cross the galaxy in seconds) | Irrelevant

Resistance: Variable, from Large Building Level (Resisted SCP-096's attacks for 27 hours), up to Solar System Level. His regeneration, immortality, reactive evolution and adaptation make him extremely difficult to kill. | Outerversal Level

Intelligence: Genius (Despite the fact that he is not very rational, he managed to maintain communication with SCP-079 who is an advanced A.I. in constant learning, he managed to escape from the facilities of his containment 6 times, he is able to adapt and overcome any extreme adversity that comes his way besides possessing the memories of his old life which allows him to have ancient knowledge from the creation).

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Scp-682 or the die-hard reptile

SCP-682 is a huge, vaguely reptilian-like creature whose origins are unknown. This one appears to be extremely intelligent, and has been observed to establish advanced communication with SCP-079 during their limited time of mutual exposure. SCP-682 appears to have a great hatred for all life forms, which he has expressed during the many interviews given during his containment.

After the security forces at Gate B fail to prevent SCP-682's escape, the Alpha Warheads are authorized for use and are set off (depending on whether the player previously deactivated them).

Once the nuclear explosion has stabilized, several recovery helicopters are sent out to find possible debris. None are found, and a helicopter radio operator named OH-6 requests the deployment of an MTF unit to search for debris at ground zero. However, the transmission is cut off mid-sentence when a loud roar is heard, indicating that the nuclear explosion was unsuccessful in destroying SCP-682.

Scp 682 expreso

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