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Conabio biodiversity

Turtles, even if they look healthy and clean, can carry Salmonella bacteria in their droppings. These bacteria can easily spread to the turtles' bodies, as well as to the tank water and their habitats. People can become ill after touching turtles or anything found in their habitat.

Fourteen states reported a total of 26 people infected with the Salmonella Oranienburg strain of the outbreak. A list of the states and the number of cases in each can be found on the reported cases map web page.

In the interviews, ill persons answered questions about the animal contact they had in the week before they became ill. Of the 22 people interviewed, 16 (73%) reported contact with a pet turtle. Of the 8 people who reported the species of pet turtle, 7 (88 %) reported having contact with red-eared slider turtles. The Salmonella Oranienburg strain in this outbreak was found in samples taken from the pet turtle of an ill person.

Inegi geoportal

Cartographic information is managed by the Subdirection of Geographic Information Systems. The consultation of this information is done through a general classification of themes, under the following headings:

As a requirement for a cartographic theme to be published in the portal, the geographic metadata must be included. To generate the metadata, it was necessary to consult the formats already established for geographic information; among the different formats are: Graphic Representation NBII Content of Standard (1995), NBII Content of Standard for National Biological Information Infrastructure Metadata (December, 1995), FDGC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (1994) and Dublin Core and ISO-19115, among others.

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The cartographic information is freely available online in shapefile format and in two reference systems: geographic coordinates (degrees, minutes and seconds) and metric coordinates (Lambert Conformal Conic or Universal Transverse Mercator) with DATUM WGS84 parameters.

Reptiles examples

Toxicofera (Greek, 'those that carry toxins') is a clade of squamates that includes the suborders Serpentes (snakes), Anguimorpha (lizards, Gila monster, and alligator lizards) and Iguania (iguanas, agamas, and chameleons). Toxicofera contains about 4600 species, (almost 60%) of the extant squamates. It encompasses all venomous reptile species, as well as numerous related non-venomous species. There is little morphological evidence to support this grouping, however, it has been recovered by all recent molecular analyses.

The newly discovered diversity of squamate species that produce venoms is a treasure trove for those seeking to develop new drugs; many of these venoms lower blood pressure, for example. Previously known venomous squamates have already provided the basis for drugs such as Ancrod, Captopril, eptifibatide, exenatide, and Tirofiban.


Datapages is a database aimed primarily at students and professionals in petroleum geology.    You can find various digital files such as books, journals, scientific articles, among others, in order to provide valuable and important information related to petroleum geology.

Academic Complete is a librarian-curated collection of multidisciplinary e-books of academic content from leading publishers covering areas such as business, health, social sciences, arts and humanities, technology and religion. The interface allows online reading, bookmarking, annotation, print to pdf and also full download of titles contracted by the University.

Multidisciplinary database offering more than 8,800 full-text journals of which more than 4,500 are refereed publications. It also indexes 13,300 journals and a considerable number of publications including monographs, reports, proceedings, among others.

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