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Animal from Venezuela

Surely more than once on summer nights you have seen on the outside walls of houses and low roofs of buildings a curious animal crouching in the shadows. It is the gecko (Tarentola mauritanica) or wall dragon and is a species of reptile, one of the six groups of the Kingdom Animalia. If you are curious about these animals and wonder how many types of reptiles there are and what they are, we encourage you to continue reading the article that we present from EcologíaVerde about the different types of reptiles, their characteristics and examples.

The classification by types or orders is divided into four major groups of reptiles:Within these four types of reptiles, there are aquatic reptiles and terrestrial reptiles and, among the many species that are scattered around the world, here are 10 examples of reptiles.

The Indian python or Python molurus molurus molurus is best known for being the snake recreated by Kipling in The Jungle Book, the snake called Kaa. It is one of two subspecies of Python molurus and its range includes India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Each 5 m specimen can weigh about 90 kg.

What are reptiles 5 examples?

Reptiles are vertebrate animals that are characterized by crawling. That is, they crawl along the ground, like snakes, crocodiles, lizards or turtles. This is because they originally lived in aquatic environments. Evolution has led them to adapt completely to terrestrial life.

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What are the reptilian animals and their names?

Classification of reptiles

Squamata (or squamates), lizards and snakes, with more than 3,000 species. Anapsida, turtles or chelonians, more than 300 species. Rhynchocephalia (Tuatara), there are only 2 species. Crocodylomorpha, alligators and crocodiles, with more than 20 species.

Names for reptiles

This article analyzes in an interdisciplinary way the human-animal relationships of a group of artisanal fishermen in Argentina, whose trade leads them to incidentally capture threatened marine mammals and reptiles. We will address the interaction between this community and a group of biologists who seek the conservation of these species. Our hypothesis is that the human-animal relationships involved in the artisanal fishing practice of this community can be explained from a juxtaposition of the three paradigms defined by Pálsson (2001): the orientalist, the paternalist and the communalist. Although fishermen classify animal species according to their possibility of being exploited as a resource, they eventually negotiate with biologists for the protection of some of these species, reinventing themselves as strategic conservationists. The coexistence of the first two paradigms does not obscure the tacit communalism that permeates the fishermen's world of work and life.

Representative animals of Cuba

This list of reptiles of Venezuela includes 405 species of reptiles that are recorded to inhabit Venezuela.[1] The listing is based on The Reptile Database.[1] The reptiles of Venezuela are grouped into 3 orders and 30 families, and include snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles.

The emydids (Emydidae) are a family of carnivorous aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles. They live most of the time in ponds, reservoirs and rivers, going to land when they have to find suitable laying sites. This family is made up of 10 genera containing more than 50 species. Two of them occur in Venezuela.

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Alligatoridae (Alligatoridae) is a family of crocodilian sauropsids (reptiles) native to the Americas (with the exception of one species), commonly known as alligators, caimans and caimans. It includes the extant genera Alligator, Caiman, Melanosuchus and Paleosuchus, as well as numerous extinct genera. Of the 7 species that inhabit the Americas, 3 occur in Venezuela.

Reptile with c

Surprising as it may seem, some crocodiles can also gallop, pushing off with their hind legs and moving their hind and front legs alternately in pairs. Galloping crocodiles have reached speeds in excess of 17 km/h and, over short distances, in an ambush situation, can easily chase down most humans if caught by surprise. However, they are short distance runners, not interested in a long chase, and most fit humans can probably outrun them in a sprint.

Chelonia is an alternative name for Testudines. The term "Testudines" is based on the Latin word for turtle: testudo. This order of reptiles contains turtles, tortoises, freshwater turtles and tortoises. All species in this order have a hard (cartilaginous) shell covering their body. There are 14 families and 335 species of reptiles classified in this order of reptiles.


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