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Reptile database

This list of reptiles of Venezuela includes 405 species of reptiles that are recorded to inhabit Venezuela.[1] The listing is based on The Reptile Database.[1] The reptiles of Venezuela are grouped into 3 orders and 30 families, and include snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles.

The emydids (Emydidae) are a family of carnivorous aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles. They live most of the time in ponds, reservoirs and rivers, going to land when they have to find suitable laying sites. This family is made up of 10 genera containing more than 50 species. Two of them occur in Venezuela.

Alligatoridae (Alligatoridae) is a family of crocodilian sauropsids (reptiles) native to the Americas (with the exception of one species), commonly known as alligators, caimans and caimans. It includes the extant genera Alligator, Caiman, Melanosuchus and Paleosuchus, as well as numerous extinct genera. Of the 7 species that inhabit the Americas, 3 occur in Venezuela.

Red Book of Ecuadorian Plants

This article analyzes in an interdisciplinary way the human-animal relationships of a group of artisanal fishermen in Argentina, whose trade leads them to incidentally capture threatened marine mammals and reptiles. We will address the interaction between this community and a group of biologists who seek the conservation of these species. Our hypothesis is that the human-animal relationships involved in the artisanal fishing practice of this community can be explained from a juxtaposition of the three paradigms defined by Pálsson (2001): the orientalist, the paternalist and the communalist. Although fishermen classify animal species according to their possibility of being exploited as a resource, they eventually negotiate with biologists for the protection of some of these species, reinventing themselves as strategic conservationists. The coexistence of the first two paradigms does not obscure the tacit communalism that permeates the fishermen's world of work and life.

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Amphibians ecuador

In the world there are more than 50 species known as mangrove, Mexico is among the five countries with the greatest extension of mangroves, distributed in the 17 coastal states of the country, which represents 5 percent of the world's total coverage.

Mexico's four mangrove species are: red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle), white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa), mangrove prieto (Avicennia germinans) and mangrove botoncillo (Conocarpus erectus).

Well-conserved mangroves have a large amount of permanent biomass. Biomass is all matter that comes from life, such as leaf litter, sludge, wood, among others; because of this, they store large amounts of carbon.

This ecosystem provides very important environmental services for humans, they function as natural barriers that stop erosion, help maintain sand on beaches, control flooding, protect against hurricanes and storms, capture carbon and generate nutrients for other ecosystems.

Herpetos tropicales

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