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  1. Revenge will be terrible from 20/02/2014
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Revenge will be terrible from 20/02/2014

Since the Odin Brotherhood is a "secret society," my sources (found while I was conducting research for a Ph.D. in history, at the Scottish University of Glasgow) must remain anonymous, and so I cannot document my material with proper references. I am sorry to note this omission, it is especially regrettable because I cannot vouch for the credibility of the individuals who communicated with me. My sources seem respectable enough - they were not "peddling dark forces" - but I invite my readers to approach this work with appropriate skepticism.

Considering the format of this work, I have used dialogue, as the sacred poems of all Odinists (the legendary Eddic poems) use conversation to address religious information of importance. There was a negative factor - Eddic dialogues always end with the death of one of the interlocutors - but I decided to ignore that risk.

SISTERHOOD OF ODIN: Odinism is an ancient religion that recognizes the gods by fostering thought, courage, honor, lucidity, and beauty. Preceding history, Odinism is all that was called wisdom, when the world was new and fresh.


Purdie arrived in these lands to set up an outpost of the Central American Mission, a project conceived by evangelical missionary Cyrus Ingerson Scofield of Dallas, interested in sowing the seed of Protestantism in this region. The first American missionaries had arrived in Costa Rica in February 1891.

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Two days after their arrival, on July 14, Purdie, who showed a bulky white beard, rented a room in San Salvador, on 1ª Calle Poniente, near the Rosales Hospital, and planned to rent a large house to open a cult as soon as possible. But he couldn't. So he made three wooden benches and right there, in his room, he set up what would be the first evangelical worship service in El Salvador.

The link between evangelical churches and electoral politics took definitive shape in the 2004 presidential elections, when it is said that a good part of the evangelical parishioners, victims of the propaganda that portrayed Schafik Handal as a Bible-burning atheist, voted mostly for ARENA, giving the victory to Elías Antonio Saca.

LIVE performance at the BULL FROG with Road2Riches Ent

In our reading and commentary on the Book of the Acts of the Apostles we come to a chapter that is key not only for reading the rest of the book, but also for understanding the life of the early Church and its further development. And this key fact is the conversion and transformation of Saul, Pharisee, doctor of the law and persecutor of the Christians, into Paul, faithful believer, preacher of the new faith and apostle of the Gentiles.

This is what Paul said in his apologia before the people of Jerusalem. This apology provides us with two vital coordinates of Saul: what we might call the biological and natural coordinates of his birth, and the cultural coordinates of his education. Born in Tarsus of Cilicia. Let us go to that city.

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In the bend formed by Asia Minor with Syria and to the northwest of the island of Cyprus, was the maritime region of Cilicia, and in it the city of Tarsus. Built on the banks of the river Cidno, about 25 kilometers from the coast. The ancient Tarsus is now entirely in ruins and nearby is the Turkish town of Mersin, with a population of about 40,000. Its name is first mentioned in the 9th century BC, but it seems to have been inhabited by the Hittites since the 14th century. After a turbulent political history, it was conquered by Pompey, who added it to the Roman Empire. In the civil strife that ensued, Tarsus remained loyal to Julius Caesar, for which it received the name of Juliopolis. It was a commercial metropolis where they manufactured a fabric, made of goat hair, called "sackcloth," from which it took its name. Tarsus was reached by sea from the port of Rhegma, and by land through the gorges of the Taurus and the so-called "Gates of Cilicia."

Yoruba Andabo - Changó

The Altar of the gens Augusta is a Roman sacrificial altar dedicated to the imperial cult, discovered on the slope of the hill of Byrsa, within the archaeological site of Carthage and preserved in the National Museum of the Bardo, in the so-called Carthage Room that occupies the ancient courtyard of the Beylical palace.

In the mid-20th century, Jean Charbonneaux considered the work to be a fine example of Roman folk art, for "the clarity and naive simplicity" that characterized it, [1] all the more important since "few monumental reliefs from the century of Augustus have survived."[2] The work was also considered by Jean Charbonneaux to be a fine example of Roman folk art.

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The temple of the gens Augusta, composed of three rooms measuring two by three meters, was found on September 17, 1912 in the garden of Charles Saumagne's property, near the post office and not far from the apses known as Beulé's.[8] It contains, in particular, an inscription.[9] The Ara Pacis, inaugurated in 1912, was found on September 17, 1912.

The Ara Pacis, inaugurated in 9 B.C., is the "most complete monument of Augustan art":[38] the role of Aeneas, the foundation of Rome, the protection of Apollo enjoyed by the emperor are particularly recalled in this building. The altar of the gens Augusta is evidence of the refounding of Carthage by Augustus, and of the diffusion of the themes defined in Rome in the Ara Pacis. Although "more modest in ambition and workmanship," the work is one of the many testimonies "of the budding imperial religion."[39] The works are of Greek or Italic inspiration, but what is new is the theme and the iconographic program used, which "imposes itself on the whole Empire."[38]


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